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Doljanchi, Korean First Birthday Party.

Last saturday, June 15th, I went to Dr. Choi’s daughter first birthday party (Doljanchi/๋Œ์ž”์น˜) in Jeonju. In Korean culture a dol (first birthday party) is one of the most significant birthdays in a personโ€™s life. According to wikipedia, it’s because in the past, the death rates for children were high and many children died before… Continue reading Doljanchi, Korean First Birthday Party.

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Korea, random stories #2

Halo! Sudah 9 bulan saya di sini,kemarin sempat ngobrol dengan senior yang memutuskan studinya di Korea untuk kemudian pindah ke Jerman. Sebuah keputusan yang berat menurut saya,karena di Korea beliau dapat beasiswa yang tidak bisa dibilang kecil,malah bisa menabung (banyak). Sementara di Jerman,dia harus part time dan tidak dapat beasiswa. Apakah dia sedih? Tidak tuh.… Continue reading Korea, random stories #2