korean Life

Doljanchi, Korean First Birthday Party.

Last saturday, June 15th, I went to Dr. Choi’s daughter first birthday party (Doljanchi/돌잔치) in Jeonju.

In Korean culture a dol (first birthday party) is one of the most significant birthdays in a person’s life.

According to wikipedia, it’s because in the past, the death rates for children were high and many children died before their first birthday, so it was an important milestone for the baby and parents.

*Yes, I searched ‘Korean Birthday Party’ through internet, because I was too confused to decide what i should wear in that party 😛

The party was held in a buffet restaurant in Jeonju.

Ju Yeong, the birthday girl wore pink-purple hanbok and traditional hat called gulle, she looked really pretty and she was with her parents all the time. She was the star of the show of course and she went with her dad to greet everyone in every table 🙂

Before entering the party, everyone got a pice of paper on which a written number, then they have to guess what would the Ju Yeong take in fortune telling ritual.



Oh, about this ritual:
The child is kept in front of a row of things like Pencils, Money, Thread, Mic and a Stethoscope. What the child picks up from these objects defines his/her future. If he/she picked up the thread, then that means he/she is gonna have a long life span. If he/she picks up the money, this implies that he/she is gonna be very rich. If pencils are chosen then he/she will become a writer, if she picked the mic, he/she ll become an entertainer and the stethoscope means that he/she would become a doctor.

Anyway, the stethoscope was chosen by Ju Yeong 🙂



I think this is same with Javanese Ceremony–Tedak Siten. According to my grandmother, I picked the pencil at that time.teehee.

For lunch, as i said before, it’s buffet and it’s quite korean style 🙂

I ate raw fish, sushi, some vegetables soup/stirred and fruits. Raw beef and small but whole octopuses were available. Then another dish I saw here was Beef Ribs soup in bamboo bowl . There was whole shrimp (big and small), seafood soup with most of the living creatures in the sea chopped and boiled (like crab, fish, shrimp and other), Bulgogi, salad, cold noodles, Kimbab and sushi, udon, pork, many cookies and cake, tteok (I love tteok! :)), and manyyyyyyyy dishes were available there. Beer and softdrink are also available as always 🙂


birthday souvenir. kkk~


For the gift, usually the korean will give gold ring (and so do our team), but because it’s expensive many people change the gift to clothes and money.



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