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W: why do you always cover your head ?

M: It’s moslem women obligation. I have to cover my body, head except my face and palms.

W: Do you always cover your head, like a 24/7?

M: No. Of course not. I open it when I am in the house. But in front of the men except my own family, I’ve to cover it.

A: Brother, I want to ask you, if someone gives you an expensive candy, but its case is open and dirty. Will you accept that?

W: No, of course not.

A: So you just accept the candy that still in its case, right? You will just accept the candy that’s not dirty, right? That’s hijab in Islam. It protects Muslim women.

W: Wow, that’s good*noding

Start from that time, W declared himself as Omar Abdullah and started to speak Masya Allah, Alhamdulillah, Assalamu’alaykum, Akhi, Ukhti. And his pronounciation was really good. He learned so fast. He even started to ask A, why A didn’t wake him up at 4 am to Fajr pray (though at night he had a party and drunk beer.kkkk~) *I knew that he’s kidding, but it’s really fun, anyway. When I sat at the same table with different friends from other culture, either breakfast, lunch or dinner, they always asked me about hijab, halal food, Muhammad and Islam 🙂


3 thoughts on “HIJAB

  1. keyeeeen kakak..
    aku juga dulu pernah digituin sama temen dari Korea. Bahkan awalnya lebih parah (someone stay away from me b’coz of my hijab, hijab=terrorism). akhirnya tak jelasin deh, dan sekarang dia malah jadi temen dekeeeeeeeeeet banget. hehe

    mereka hanya butuh penjelasan 🙂

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