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Grandma’s last days.

May, 2012


She didn’t eat for 2 days. She told us that her stomach has been sick for 4 days. I and papa was so panicking at the moment. I  called the taxi. We brought her to the RSUP Persahabatan. We stayed in IGD, because the ICCU room was full. She slept, but every time she woke up, she told me that she want to go to the toilet, although she already used the catheter.  I explained to her about the condition like every 5 minute. My feeling was mixed up. Om Noor came at 2.30 am.  Papa, Om Noor and I were slept beside her.


I didn’t see her better condition. Actually the doctor checked her condition and took the medical treatment, whether scanned her body, her head, gave the shoot or medicine every 10 minutes. I felt her worse condition. I continuously asked her to dzikir. She asked me her age this year, and told me to celebrate her birthday with tumpeng. I encouraged her: “Mbah harus sembuh ya..biar bisa nganter papa sama mama naik haji, kan katanya mau nganter papa naik haji bareng Ayu kan?” I smiled to her though my feeling was mixed up. At the afternoon, she was transfered to ICU Room’s RS MH Thamrin.


Her condition was still weak. When I came to her room, she asked me about my sister, brothers, my parents’ hajj plan.

We came to her room at 12-1 pm and 7-8 pm everyday


Her condition was worse. My auntie, Pipi, Mama told me that she was blabbering about something odd. I felt so sad. I came to her room, and listened to her whatever she says. I gave some responds and reminded her to dzikir.


She told me that she had stomachache. She was tortured because of the shoot. I told her not to talk a lot. she had a heartache. I didn’t want her heart worked hard. I asked her to listen my story and I shared stories about everything. I haven’t told her about the call from +82…. -I tell u later- I just told her about the new job and she’s happy.


At afternoon, I came to her room and she was accompanied by Mbah Tini and Mbak Titi. She was unconscious. She blabbered and told me that  she was hungry. Even, she tried to bit her thumbs, I was so sad, I pulled her hand from her mouth and reminded her to dzikir and just slept.

At night, I came again to her room, she asked me to tell my father, my auntie and my uncle that she want to talk to them. Our family gathered. My father told us to asked her forgiveness in case something would happened. I asked her forgiveness, turned and burst into  tears. I must say, I was devastated for seeing her condition. Fortunately, she didn’t see my feeling. never. It’s because, I always smile every time I came to hers.


She got better, but her lip was very dry. I applied the water to her lip. The nurse told me that she could have honey for her dry lip. I and pipi accompanied her until the time to visit finished. I told her to dzikir and just slept if she was tired. We stroked her hands and stomach to make her comfortable. We left her when she was slept.


Mama and I arrived at the hospital around 2.30 pm, because we try to transferred her to RSUP Persahabatan -Grandma asked us to do that- unfortunately, the ICU room was full. My uncle said she still has stomachache. The doctor explained us: she has the stomachache because of the medicine’s impact. It’s very complicated. Her heart was getting bigger, so it had to be normal again with the medicine. But the medicine was took an effect to her brain. Her brain would have a the bleeding due to overdose. In her case, it wasn’t. It’s because of  the blood in her stomach was coagulated (that’s the reason why she has stomachache).

We (uncle, auntie, Mama and I) had a conversation about the possibility and the plans whether in best or worst condition.

Mama & I went to swalayan, bought some things. in order to prepare a ‘pengajian mendoakan kesembuhan beliau’ esok hari.
My uncle was going home too, because he had been in hospital since yesterday night.

My auntie stayed in the hospital until my father came. I didn’t have a chance to see her this day.

We arrived in our house at 7.30 pm. I had a chat with some friends. my sister and brother watched the tv.

At around 09.40 pm, mother’s phone was ringing. my heart was thumping again (My heart had always been thumping since grandma’s worse condition). It’s my father.

He told us that grandma has passed away.

I didn’t cry at that time. I called the taxi, I instructed  my sister and brothers prepared our clothes, while my mom prepared the other things.

Mom and mas angga went to the hospital, while pipi, dek dika & I went to grandma’s house directly.

The house was prepared by neighbors. I couldn’t stand for a long time, my knees was trembling. Most of people I met, said my grandma was very kind and they shared their stories with her.

11.30 pm- 11.30am (26 May): Grandma’s house was very crowded. All of people cried and looked sad.

See Grandma? they all love you.


Ba’da Dzuhur: After sholat dzuhur and sholat jenazah, Grandma was buried at Pondok Kelapa.


Buat teman2 dan rekan2 yang sudah menyempatkan diri hadir, membantu prosesi dan kirim doa:

TERIMAKASIH yang tidak terhingga untuk seluruh dukungannya bagi kami sekeluarga..
semoga Allah membalas kebaikan hati Bapak-bapak, Ibu-ibu, Teman-teman semua.. Aamiin ya Allah.


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