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Dear Grandma, how are you?

Dear Grandma,

How are you?

Today is the 2nd day since you passed away.

It is very hard to hold my tears every time I remembered you or see things related to you.


did you know?

Citra, Tiara , Intan wrote a letter for you and put it in your room when you’re hospitalized.

I burst into tears when I saw the letter.

They prayed for your condition at that time.

Dear Grandma,

We just want you to know that, me, all of your grandchildren and all of your children will always remembering you, cause we will never able to return all the love that you gave us, and we promise that we will always pray for you, every time, every moment in our every move.

Although now all will never be the same without your presence, but everybody said we should be strong and that’s exactly that I will do, take care dear grandma, we will see you again.

Rest peacefully dearest Grandma, you have bring so much goodness and happiness to the people who knew you, we pray that you will be join the other angels in the heaven. Aamiin ya Allah..

We love you Grandma.
We do. and always do.

Earth, 27 May 2012


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