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which of the favours of your Lord will u deny?

Rainy day.

While on motorcycle with my dad (the traffic light was red), a little girl approached some cars and motorcycles.

I saw her. She brought a plastic bag. There was something inside it.

From a paper that wrote on plastic bag, i knew she sold some ‘kacang koro’.

She knocked some windows cars and approached some motorcycles.

Unfortunately, not even one of hers were sold.

The little girl was running to us. she said:

“Mbak, beli mbak”

I implied

“Nope, thanks” (I thought it’s not good to give the working children. It will become their bad habit )

Then my dad gave her some money

“Ini ya, ambil aja uangnya, gakpapa”

Then the little girl took the money, gave me 1 pack of  ‘kacang koro’ and ran to other car.

I protested to my dad,

“Papa kok ngasih? anak itu nanti jadi kebiasaan, gak mau sekolah”

my dad implied,

“liat kan? dia gak minta-minta kok, gak mau dikasihjuga , dia jual kacangnya ke kita”


somehow I felt bad.

The picture of her running still stuck in my head.


again, which of the favours of your Lord will u deny, Hay?


One thought on “which of the favours of your Lord will u deny?

  1. anak jalanan it mgkn ingn membntu ortunya ya yu:),mereka tetap sekolah,ingn meraih cita2 tinggi…itu yg kurasakan ketika aku mewakili teman2ku djkt dlm charity community ikut milad panti asuhan didaerahku kmrn,…alhamdulillah kita,lebh beruntg bs pndidikan S1,maka sy mengajak diri sy pribdi ut brkontribusi,minimal doa dan donasi kpd saudara2 kita yg membutuhkan…btw nice story yu,smg kt bs membntu mereka ya Insya Allah

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